How to Use TigerThrift!

  1. Go to the shop page.
  2. Browse through available items. You can narrow down your search by using the search bar or filtering based on the specified fields!
  3. Click on the details button if you want to learn more about an item.
  4. If you are interested in purchasing an item, click the 'reserve' button which will hold the item for you and notify the seller. You should also receive a reservation confirmation email from us.
  5. You should see this reservation reflected in the 'My Reservations' tab on your profile, where you can also cancel your reservation at any time. If you choose to cancel your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from us.
  6. You and the seller have 5 days (120 hours) to complete the sale. You can view the time left to complete your reservation in the 'My Reservations' tab on your profile. You will also receive reminders via email if your reservation will expire in less than 24 hours. If the reservation is not completed in time, the seller can re-sell their item on the store and you will not have the reservation anymore.
  7. Wait for the seller to reach out to you to coordinate the completion of the transaction, or reach out to the seller using the contact info sent to you in the reservation confirmation email.
  8. You and the seller should schedule a time to meet so that the seller can deliver the item to you and you can pay them. The seller will then close out the sale on their end.
  1. Go to the sell page.
  2. Fill out the form with all the required item details. You can upload up to 4 photos! Your phone number is optional and can be used for potential buyers to contact you to coordinate a time to complete the purchase.
  3. Clicking 'Create Item!' will list the item on the shop page.
  4. If a potential buyer reserves your item, you will be notified via an email from us containing the buyer's contact infomation. The reservation will also show up on the "Selling" tab of your profile.
  5. Alternatively, if a potential buyer cancels their reservation at any time, you will receive an email notification from us.
  6. You are responsible to contact the buyer via email or phone (if available) within 5 days (120 hours) from the time the reservation email was sent. The time left to complete the sale is reflected on the "Selling" tab of your profile and you will receive reminders via email when the reservation will expire in less than 24 hours.
  7. Schedule a time to meet up with the buyer to deliver the item to them and for them to pay you.
  8. Click the 'complete sale' button on the "Selling" tab of your profile after completing and closing out the transaction! If the buyer decides not to purchase the item, they must cancel the reservation on their end and you will receive an email notification from us.